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the operation of the museum

Collections and research

The mission of museums is to cherish, collect and transmit cultural heritage. Through its operations, the museum guarantees the permanence and preservation of the collections for future generations. In 1985, the Särestöniemi Museum is an art and cultural history museum whose purpose is to cherish the great life work of the painter, artist professor Reidar Särestöniemi, and to display the artist's works and cultural historical material related to his life. The museum is operated by the Kauko Sorjonen Foundation.

In addition to works of art, the Särestöniemi Museum's collections include an archive, a photo archive and museum buildings. Old Särestö, Gallery and Ateljeekoti and the museum area surrounding the buildings are protected under the Building Protection Act. Collection work also serves as a cornerstone of other museum activities, such as public work and museum pedagogical activities. Särestöniemi Museum's collection work is determined by the collection policy program updated in 2019. Research is also part of everyday museum work and, in addition to collections, is related to the preparation of exhibitions, documentation, various projects and publications.

Contact information

Särestöniemi Museum
Särestöntie 880, 99110 Kaukonen
p. 016 654 480 (Info)​


Anne Koskamo, museum director
040 136 1112

Jaana Hokkanen, museum lecturer

tel. 040 700 3441

Raija Ylitalo, collection-amanuence
phone number 016 654 480



Participated in art testers

The Särestöniemi Museum is pleased to be involved in the nationalArt testers- project as a place to visit. The next time Art Testers will come to Särestö in October 2022.

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